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Online Poker Tournament Guide

Today, the Internet and online gambling sites very popular online poker tournaments have become very popular in a short time. These online tournaments give users the chance to play for money without paying much participation fee. Poker players are gamblers too, in addition to playing poker, they play real money blackjack at along with other casino games and gambling apps.

There are many different types of poker games available, ranging from poker freerolls to high buy-in sit and go poker tournaments. How small or big a player’s online account, there is always a tournament where you can play.

Online Poker Tournaments

It used to be difficult to convince people of the innocence of online poker sites, but these days are over and own the most professionals see great advantages in online poker tournaments. In fact, most “anti-online poker players” themselves began playing online poker tournaments. They have discovered the many benefits that online poker

poker Tournaments

One of the most powerful aspects of best blackjack strategy at is that you are not stuck at one table at a time. Many players play at several tables at once and some players use themselves monitor multiple computer . Another advantage is that you can play more hands per hour. For example, if you constantly play four tables at once, you can play poker for four hours in one hour.

online Poker

Yet another advantage is that these online tournaments are not much effort. You have no cost to book a hotel, booking airline tickets and other stuff. This way you can save so much money while winning the amount actually remains the same. There are also many happy they can play these tournaments completely anonymous online. A player can choose his nickname and his / her photo to fit the tournament in which they participate.


A multi-table poker tournament is like the name says, a poker tournament with several tables, they will be played at the same time. Instead of poker games et limit to nine or ten players, these tournaments that thousands of people can play simultaneously on different tables. Characterized by many players and lots of prize money, these tournaments for the biggest and best online poker games.

poker Tables

While players from the tournament will be thrown, the remaining players are reassigned to keep the table numbers as to just enough players to one table.This type of tournament is played until the last person, but the money will be split between several top players.

Multiple games or multi-tabling ‘as it is also called many other benefits. These benefits vary by player since it is necessary to poker, there must be motivation and stamina to cope with these tournaments. It is not uncommon for a player to win big money by playing simultaneously at ten to twelve tables. An additional advantage so the game play on multiple tables at once.

Gege Edge Weathered Tournaments

Gege Edge Weathered tournaments are multi-table poker tournaments where the poker room guarantees a minimum amount equal how many players buy into the tournament. Guaranteed tournaments ensure that players have great chances of winning a lot of money, because these games usually start with a few thousand dollars in the pot before anyone signs up. Usually the prize will grow if buying more players in this type of tournament.

Multi-table satellites tournaments are special types of tournaments where players must qualify to participate in a poker tournament. Experienced and good players looking mostly satellites so that they can play against other good players.They have a better chance at a big prize.

There are also  free poker  tournaments. Players register for free and can actually win money.


The most popular tournaments are now the Sit and Go poker tournaments .These are tournaments where there are no fixed start times. However, these tournaments begin as soon as an x number of people enrolled. Most of these games are played on a single table between two and ten players. Six and nine player tables you get the most from. But, you should know that many poker sites with many visitors many multi-table sit & go tournaments up. So if you want to play these tournaments, you have to find poker sites with many visitors so the tables are quickly filled.

Sit and Go Tournaments

A major advantage of these Sit and Go poker tournaments is that you can gain a lot of experience while playing for fairly small amounts. Also, many poker sites use this tournament to see whether certain people are capable of multi-table tournaments. So if you can win these games you can get as free access to the larger multi-table tournaments.