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Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

When you’re ready to start playing poker you will first spend some time to spend on learning the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker. The basic poker rules are very simple, the rules of Texas Hold’em poker, however, are more difficult to understand. If you want to win this game, you will have to learn more than the regular Texas Hold’em poker rules .

poker Rules

You will also need to spend time learning strategies that were used by experienced players. You can easily find these strategies in bestseller poker books, poker magazines and from online poker videos as some on Youtube. Did you have a math genius, these are not necessary, but otherwise you will have to acquire the necessary knowledge of various software that analyze the game in order to find out where the game can be improved. Experience is very important and can obtaine inĀ  free poker games .


To begin at the beginning, the poker game is played with 52 cards consisting of two ace cards (hereinafter referred to as Aces) without jokers. The game can be played with up to ten people at a Texas Hold’em poker table and can be played by one person themselves. It is possible to play with real money chips which you get or you can play in poker tournaments where the winners will win a share of the prize.

Deck Of Cards


As with any poker game Texas Hold’em starts with each player receiving two cards, which obviously lying upside. This “hole cards” or “pocket cards” as they are called are not to be shown to other players at the table. These cards are dealt clockwise, starting with the person to the left of the dealer. Then to place the first and second person left of the dealer bets called blinds. According to the rules of Texas Hold’em poker, the first player to bet half the bet, this is called the “small blind”. The second player must place a complete bet, this is called the “big blind”. If you are neither of these two players, saying the poker rules that you can fold (end the round) without betting money.

poker Rules


The poker rules tell us that if anyone has received two cards, the first round begins. Into the player left of the big blind starts the big blind bet or fold. The other players have “check” same choice and the big blind is if someone also has the big blind deployed. That money is now all in the pot .

Texas Hold'em Poker Rules


After that, the dealer shows the “flop” , these are three cards of the stack. They are placed in the middle of the table with which it is directed upwards. Under the rules of Texas Hold’em you have those cards and two cards that have a card set each player. A round continues with the blind that starts and can check the following players, bet, call or fold.



Now the dealer must refute a card on the table. This is called the “turn”. As the poker rules saying the game is played with the best five-card combination that can be made with the two cards in a player’s hands. A third round begins when everyone has used or checked.



The “river” or the last card is placed through the regular Texas Hold’em poker rules. Now everyone should try to have the strongest possible card sets with the best five-card combinations. This “board” calls. He / she wins the total amount of all bets, thus equals deposit minus the cost of the poker room or “rake” which is usually 1-2%. In the event that two or more players have the same winning card game, poker rules tell us that the pot should be divided.

poker River


With some training rounds will soon Texas Hold’em rules begin to understand.When the poker rules well understood by reading them or play the game you will quickly understand why this game is so popular around the world.